Saturday, 22 October 2011

International Bill of Exchange (IBOE) Fraud

Nick V Fleming is spear heading the investigation with his new series of hard hitting expose videos that focus on MELE GABALES, LORD NEIL GIBSON , RICHARD SENNA and DIMITRI KANAVOS

International Bill of Exchange (IBOE) Fraud

IBOE Fraud

Latest – 12 scammers have confessed in return for mercy, freedom and peace by supplying lots of valuable electronic evidence against bigger scammers – a 13th confession is expected soon and then the scene will be set for all legal cases against the masterminds of this global financial terrorism. Highlights from these documents will be added to this site monthly followed by comments and then with email headers, IP and network data analysis whenever applicable for further suspect verification. Spanish, German, Egyptian and Italian victims have complained that some international anti-fraud sites are involved in scams by not providing FULL exposes of ALL the key kingpins for the following suspect nations: United Kingdom (Latchford) , Thailand (Shandiman), Panama (Steiner) and the United States (Lord Neil Gibson).

UPDATE!ANGRY SCAMMERS HAVE CREATED A SPOOF OF THIS SITE, IT SHOWS HOW SICK AND DESPERATE THESE PEOPLE REALLY ARE BUT IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH LEGITIMATE CRIME PREVENTION AND ERADICATION. Nicholas Fleming is an honest handsome upright citizen fighting against criminal entities like EBTC and its associate scammers and so the scammers are now trying to victimize him with their pathetic site probably made by Gibson’s little Rony.
This website is about organized financial fraud involving fake documents, fake bonds, fake SWIFTs, fake SKRs, fake Historical Assets, Fake Gold, Fake Dollars and of course fake IBOEs . This criminal can of worms with their 21st century versions of “The Sting” have scammed victims all over the world with vanishing loans, insurance scams, bogus bonds and 1008 other forms of financial fraud using a plethora of interesting invented investments. These range from commodity deals such as oil, sugar and scrap metal to historical asset scams where investors are fooled into believing in diplomatic immunity and federal Fargo boxes of Benjamins! One of the most hilarious scams they pulled was using their Social Welfare ID card numbers to print their own IBOEs for trillions and trillions of dollars. Unfortunately most victims do not understand that it is not simply a scammer entering his life but an army of them all pretending to be chasing scammers and ready to inform Interpol of any injustice. All the names and companies mentioned in this website are part of the intricate web of an international joker broker and faker maker gang unless stated otherwise, they believe that police do not understand them nor are brave enough to come up against their heavyweight lawyers who are often on very nice retainers, once arrested popular excuses used to enable police to take bribes include “Unfortunately there is no such real document in existence and therefore something that has never existed cannot be faked”. – if you have further information please feel free to post it for the public.

All IBOEs on the market are fake
Operation IBOE uses the International Bills of Exchange that were used in mass frauds and scams worldwide as a focal point and continues with investigations and evidence sharing of associated financial crimes including the groups that create fake banks to send fake MTs or telexes. The groups that create and sell fake financial instruments and attempt to trade these fake instruments and historical assets are also studied – many of them are ex-openers or closers from boiler-room syndicates that have been closed by law enforcement.
This website is named after Graham Michael Shandiman, an Australian national who as a member of a transnational financial fraud syndicate carried more intelligence on the dark grey underworld of banking that although mushrooming is largely unrecognised by the real banking world, the world that stands to lose the most at the mercy of scammers that no longer deal in millions or billions like Rafat Rizvi who pulled down an Indonesian bank and badly damaged a Hong Kong Bank or Nick Leeson who sunk Barings Bank but now deal in trillions.
Ethical brokers or bankers that have evidence or other useful information may post it on this site anonymously, if you believe that you have been a victim of any of the institutions, companies or individuals you may also feel free to contact us.
Dealing in their “newly created” financial instruments used to defraud investors worldwide – the IBOE – because the IBOE is such a corny instrument scammers advanced their modus operandi and have started disguising their IBOEs as other instruments such as  SKRs (Safe Keeping Receipts) BGs (Bank Guarantees) MT760s, MT799s etc and used such fake instruments to then generate either real MT103s to defraud or fake MT103s to also defraud!.
Learn about these whitecollar criminals, how they operate and the real CIS of all the players in the game.
Although alot of information is posted within this site should any first rate Law Enforcement Agency be interested in purchasing the entire global IBOE scamming database from us please feel free to contact us as international government to government discounts do apply.
Presently the database is available in secure connection server or DVD format including the complete collection of Donald Henry Wamhof, Mark Cedarwall McAuley, Jonathan Todd Clinard and Wozny IBOEs as well as a very large collection of IBOE mutations found in the wild complete with accompanying documentation and identification details of the document creators and distributors. Numerous samples of “Joker Broker” deals executed against these IBOEs from around the world are also included – a very valuable tool needed by all institutions with a vested interest in suppressing economic terrorism and financial fraud..
Should you be an ethical insider working in a Private Bank and have documents that evidence wrong doing or true ownership of one of the massive pools of mystery cash, contact us here at IBOE LEAKS and we will give you a confidential way to get them to us to be published on this IBOE FRAUD PORTAL. In certain cases rewards can be offered of up to 40% can be offered for information leading to the direct recovery of funds, in the event of a joint effort the REWARD is shared equally between the viable partners.
Note that this site is still under construction so please either join as a member (100% free) or bookmark your favorite IBOE fraud site so that you can come back and see the IBOE SCAM BIG PICTURE complete with full interactive IBOE gang map.


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  2. Elio Ciolini is also involved and has recently been arrested. He is now in jail in Italy.

    He was an informant/disinformant in the Bologna case. The ramifications of his testimony are endless: apart from the interesting enough Italian angle, there is the Cocain Coup in Bolivia which involved German Nazis and neo-nazis, Barbie and the BND, delle Chiaie of course...

    He reportedly worked as a CIA agent in Belgium at the time of the Brabant massacres and collaborated with the Haemers gang.

    Have a look at :

  3. Good day to all,
    I have just been approached by assigned IBOE ... large ... looking or introductions to my contacts in Finance. I am doing my diligence on this one, now. Any advice is welcomed. If fraudulent, I do report.

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  5. Do you want the authorities to pick up Donald Wamhof ? I have him......please contact me asap